• Salitos/Effect // Fatbike

Salitos/Effect // Fatbike

“More than just ball pens”

After being askes in the fall of 2015 to create a stylish bicycle and having put in great effort and focus into the project, we invites our customer, the MBG Group, to the largest bicycle show in Asia, the Taipei International Cycle Show. Towards the end of the show, we discovered a fatbike prototype, inspired by the Design of Harley Davidson which caught our customer’s eye.

 We went to the drawing board to customize the bike’s design for the Salitos and the Effect brand and emmidiately started the sampling process. The two best designs went into bulk production and a total of 1000 Fatbikes were delivered to the MBG Group. The bikes are being used at tradeshows, in supermarkets, festivals and restaurants as well as being sold to true fans of the two brands.

Fatbike 2.0 in the conceptualization phase and is close to completion.


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