We believe in making a difference.

Beverage & hospitality

We are experts in the design and procurement of merchandise items in the field of bar and drinkware.


With our innovative concepts, we support international firms with their brand presence on a global level. In addition to the design, we focus on high quality and the specific safety requirements for products.

Fitness & health

The demand for physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle has become truly enormous in our society.


We provide distinguished brands from the fitness and health industry with products such as towels, fitness trackers, water bottles and sports bags, as well as sports shoes, to perfectly round off your brand image and attain more positive and greater customer loyalty.

Sustainable Merchandise

As an international company, we are very careful in how we treat nature, as well as natural, human and cultural resources, and are actively committed to increasing awareness of a sustainable lifestyle.


The issue of sustainable promotional items is therefore a labour of love for us. We support our customers in planning their brand and environmental goals in all areas, for example with materials that are ecological, reusable, recycled or biodegradable.

Unique Designs

We create products with which big brands leave lasting impressions.


New creations when it comes to promotional items are one of our personal specialities. Whether it’s fatbikes, beach chairs, stand-up paddle boards or table football tables – we implement every customer request.


In order to be able to cater to all individual needs, we draw on our worldwide network.