Promotional merchandise trends for autumn 2018.

While everyone right now is in a total summer mood, holiday plans are in full swing and all we are really supposed to do is wander from one barbecue party to the next. But we are again already one step ahead and contemplating autumn. You don’t want to think about sad autumn weather, rain and cooler temperatures just yet? We promise you that these promotional items will make you looking forward at least a little bit to the coming season.


The trend of the year is clear: neon. We already reported on the dying craft of neon lighting and its positive advertising impact HERE. But it is only on those days when the sun sets earlier and the dark days get longer that neon signs and lettering really come into their own. Take advantage of the effect of light and let your logo or company slogan shine in neon.

(Outdoor-) activities

Just because it’s cooler and rains more, doesn’t mean you can’t do sports. With the right equipment and clever gadgets, (outdoor-) sport can be fun all year round. Surprise your customers or employees this year with custom promotional items in this category – physical exercise never goes out of fashion and is good for work-life balance.

Bicycle saddle guard

73,500,000 bicycles are owned by German households (source: ZIV). And they want to be moved in autumn too. But what could be more annoying than coming out of the supermarket and discovering that it has rained and the whole saddle is soaking wet? A saddle guard for the bike is the perfect lifesaver here. Take advantage of this inexpensive promotional item and establish a special kind of customer loyalty – branded with your company logo or slogan.

Rain jacket

What was once an unpopular item relegated to the cupboard is now available as a fashion piece and completely wearable: the rain jacket. The trend is moving towards bright colours and back to classic, minimal cuts. Our favourite, the HINBOW rain jacket, is the perfect advertising medium for your brand, and with its yellow colour, it reminds one of a genuine oilskin jacket.


Are your customers no strangers to the downward-facing dog, the cobra and the sun salutation? Then they practise the same sport that 3.4 million other people perform regularly in Germany: yoga. For a long time now, yoga has been more than just a trendy sport – it has become a real movement that is increasing in popularity every year. So it is not surprising that in the promotional products industry too, a lot has changed in this area. How about a small yoga session with a branded matat your next event? Or you can give away some „RELAX Yoga Balls“for a spot of relaxation. In our yoga category,you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Relaxation candle

Relaxation is also a part of sport. With our „Lani candle„, complete with high-quality wooden lid, you can subtly place your logo on the glass and thus lift the mood in any room. In white and black, also a real eye-catcher.

A classic reinterpreted.

In the promotional items industry too, some classics never go out of fashion. With a special twist, they remain contemporary and always give us pleasure.

Reversible umbrella

Finally there is a solution for getting into the car in the pouring rain: the reversible umbrella. That is, it closes in the other direction, so you no longer get wet under any circumstances, and your hands and clothes stay dry when you fold it back up.

Rubber-coated cup

Coffee is the most consumed drink in Germany. The Germans drink around 3.4 cups a day (source: Tchibo). Whether black or with milk and sugar – it is not just the content that’s important, but also the cup from which this favourite drink is drunk. Especially trendy this year is our rubber-coated cup, on which your logo is laser engraved. It fits comfortably in the hand, impresses with its minimal design, and thus sweetens every coffee break.

Inductive charging device

Since the iPhone 8, Apple devices have been able to make use of built-in inductive charging. Other manufacturers also offer wireless charging, and the trend is clearly moving away from a massive tangle of cables. But proprietary wireless chargers are often very expensive. Our induction charger, on the other hand, is reasonably priced and – branded with your logo – turns into a super useful technology gadget.

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