Quality is the best business plan.

Licensing – auditing

In order to meet the requirements of our licensors, we adhere strictly to European production standards. We ensure that our production facilities and suppliers are correspondingly qualified.

Quality management

Quality assurance poses a major challenge for many companies, especially in Asia. For this reason, particularly great value is placed on quality control, including at fresh id. Professional safeguarding and verification lead to the desired project success. The symbiosis of verified production facilities and trained employees with many years of experience guarantee the desired standard.

Quality is not an accident - it is the result of intelligent effort.

As a further supportive measure, we use various audits. The focus is not exclusively on quality management. Environmental management and social responsibility are also focused. Ensuring your and our corporate image is the top priority. Continuous controls of the production facilities and supplier controls are the key to a successful production according to your test criteria.