The Kraken


#POS#Concept & Planning#3D Design

This glass is where our journey started, a special tribute to The Kraken. We began with simple drawings and turned them into lifelike 3D designs. Then, we used 3D printing to bring those designs to life and found the right manufacturer to make them in large quantities. We enjoyed every step of the process. Our Kraken Highball Glass comes in four different colors, and we even made a special edition using recycled plastic. Our main challenge was making sure the embossed tentacles looked just right while keeping the glass lightweight. Join us in celebrating this glass, which represents our commitment to making high-quality and creative products from beginning to end.

KRAKEN dark look cup - fresh id
KRAKEN cup glass - fresh id
KRAKEN cup glass bottle - fresh id
KRAKEN cup - fresh id
KRAKEN cup - fresh id