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Salitos, another brand within the MBG family, has always been a brand we really liked working with. One project we found super exciting was the SALITOS fat bike. In 2016 we flew to Taiwan with MBG's procurement team to attend the world's biggest bicycle show. After talking to many suppliers, we found the right factory to make the bike we wanted. A few months later, we went to the factory to check the final product: a unique fat bike that looks like a chopper with big tires, wide handlebars, and bright branding. And if you ever visit our office in Nuremberg, you'll see a limited edition of the exact fat bike, proudly adorned with the fresh id branding.

SALITOS lightened sign  - fresh id
SALITOS neon sign cactus - fresh id
Salitos Drink BBQ - fresh id
SALITOS surfboard beach ocean - fresh id
SALITOS neon sign palm tree - fresh id
SALITOS Clay bowls - fresh id
SALITOS surfboard ocean - fresh id
SALITOS bike - fresh id