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Think Big. Go Beyond. Big Ideas + Small Footprint.

Think Big. Go Beyond. Big Ideas + Small Footprint.

We are specialized in branded merchandise, full service webshops, POS, packaging, prototyping, concept & planning and 3D design. Committed to creating products that stand out, constructive for use, within your budget and ahead of the times. From first draft to concept, 3D models, samples, manufacturing, and logistics; the entire production process comes from one single source. fresh id carefully designs products that connect you with your customers.


We print, engrave, embroider, and deboss your logo, brand name or slogan on any product. We promote your company and generate brand awareness - it's like sharing business cards, but more fun and inventive.

Branded Merchandise

We understand the importance of POS for marketers, as consumers tend to make purchasing decisions on high-margin products or services at strategic locations. We are experts in designing & manufacturing concepts & displays, consumer activations and sales promotions.


We provide easy-to-use, dynamic, and versatile webshop solutions for managing all of your merchandising activity. Globally and fully customized to your needs.

Full Service Webshops

Need a box? A key part in marketing a product is to ensure a well-designed and interesting packaging. We design meaningful, long-lasting and innovative packaging that delivers a rewarding unpacking experience while staying cost-effective and environmentally sustainable.


Planning your events or sales activations can be stressful. We are your partner for concept development & designing, location scouting, budgeting and assessment.

Concept & Planning

At fresh id we love 3D design and it is our favourite tool to bring ideas to life. We're experts at crafting the perfect photo realistic image you need to market and fine tune your products before it goes into mass production.

3D Design

You have an idea and need someone to bring concepts to life? Our design teams implement ideas into tangible forms, from paper to digital to an actual prototype.